One year down…

I just finished up my first year at seminary and WOW what an experience! (see blogs below for more details.)

This past semester was the roughest one I’ve ever had in my academic studies. Through high school, college, now at seminary – this year was tough, but I came out fine.

And it took me 9 years. I finally gained my “freshman fifteen” nine years after my first freshman year in college. Yes that’s right. I finally gained weight. Exactly fifteen pounds. I’ve weighed the same since eighth grade. And my freshman year in college back in 02-03 did not prove to hold true to the “freshman fifteen” rule for me. But now at seminary, things are finally shaping up, like my belly.

Of course, it’s not going to help that I’m in Kinder, Louisiana this summer, where many wonderful parishioners of St. Philip Neri are excellent cooks and just dying to take out or cook for the new seminarian. If these amazing people are anything like Elton (last year’s summer assignment) then I guess I am just doomed to get fat.

…I’m kidding. Exercising my abs & cardio are important for this summer.
Does anyone have a bike they want to get rid of???

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