Whew! The bonfire was a blast!
On Friday, Nov. 18th, we began the afternoon with mass and a football game! St. Ben’s guys VS. Notre Dame seminary from New Orleans. It was a great game, one of the closest ones we’ve had in years. I was asked to be a commentator, so I made comments during the game and provided some pump-up music.
I was also DJ at the bonfire -with fire, burning and hot music. There was lots of dancing.
The bonfire was 33 1/2 feet tall and it burned all night long.  Everyone enjoyed it!

Now it’s Thanksgiving week, and I am very thankful for all of my family and friends who pray for me and support me. I have an incredibly strong support system, so thank you to everyone who is helping me in my process through the seminary.
I’m also glad that I have the media technology and this blog to share it with you.

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