About Trey’s Journey

Trey’s journey is a journal of Trey Ange’s thoughts through the Catholic seminary.

Regardless of whether you are Catholic, Protestant, or maybe you are not sure how to classify yourself, our hope is that this blog inspires you to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are certain that if you proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord of all creation, having been born of the virgin Mary and then dying for the sins of humanity, then you are a member of His body and have purpose in your existence, just as all who believe have been called with a purpose by God.  It all begins with a choice, your choice.  Believe, or not to believe; ask yourself whom you will serve today.

Please join us in prayer for Trey as his spiritual trek continues throughout the seminary. Feel free to leave your comments. However, please understand comments will not appear until approved by the administrator.

“Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things with which one may edify another.” (Romans 14:19)

2 Responses to About Trey’s Journey

  1. Linda Manuel says:

    Trey, I saw you at 11: 00 o’clock mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel last Sunday. I want to say you truly are filled with the Holy Spirit. You are going to make a wonderful priest. Your personality and God given gift of love, exuberance, longing to serve God and his people is obvious. May God continue to bless you on this journey to becoming a priest. You have my prayers.

  2. Kelly and Kent Caraway says:

    Wow! What a wonderful place! We are praying for you! We enjoyed your site! Thank you!

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