Welcome to the journey...

Welcome to the journey... E-mail The real journey begins when we choose to center our life on the redeemer...Jesus Christ the Lord! This is a place for the brokenhearted, the empty, the confused, the complacent, and the weary believer.

This site is dedicated to those who want to experience the fullness of God's mercy, those who seek to fill themselves with the wisdom of God's Word, those who seek the Truth in knowledge, those who pray, and those who serve.

We can't simply believe, we must know the one we believe. As we come to know Jesus Christ better, may we recognize how He is still alive and with us even today. As we come to know who Jesus is, we become one body built together with the same desire, devotion, and dedication; we represent the Body of Christ.

Therefore, let us put on our new identity, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord! Let us boldly proclaim the Truth from God's Word to all peoples'; giving thanks throughout the journey because the journey does not end here!

So what can we say to our efforts we contribute to the purpose God has given us? We say we are firm in our faith (desire),grounded in Love (devotion),and forever rejoicing through all circumstances (dedication). Hallelujah! Our redeemer lives! Trek-on!

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