Heavenly Father, may Your draw Your body together in unity through our faith in Jesus Christ, Your anointed.  May we all (Protestants and Catholics) worship and adore you in spirit and in truth; not glorying in our own pride, or selfish indulgence, but instead may our focus be on You alone.  Father God, we seek to dwell on Your mercies and Your grace which You renew within us everyday; Your will is to mold and shape us into Your image each day of our existence.

Our desire should be that of to be caught standing in the light of Your son's righteousness so that we are found pure when you come for us.  Help us, as the body of Your son, Who through suffering and shame endured the weight of the cross; that we may know Your son Jesus Christ through our own present suffering.  Strengthen each member of this body to be built to sustain both preset and suffering which is to come.  As one body united in faith and deed, we proclaim to be of one mind, one body, and one spirit. To the glory and honor of the one and only living God and Father of all creation, amen!

All will marvel at the works of Your hands, and will be made to bow down before You as Lords of lords and King of kings.

a call to prayer for a nation in crisis

The time is now: we SHALL worship the Father in spirit & truth. The Father is looking for people like this to worship Him. (John 4:23)


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